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Left Behind (Series) – Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins

LeftBehindSeries1-12Left Behind (Series)– Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, Tyndale House, 1995-2007

Left Behind- 1995

Tribulation Force- 1996

Nicolae- 1997

Soul Harvest- 1999

Apollyon- 1999

Assassins- 1999

The Indwelling- 2000

The Mark – 2000

Desecration- 2001

The Remnant- 2002

Armageddon- 2003

Glorious Appearing- 2004

Kingdom Come – 2007

(Please note this rating does not include the prequel books The Rising, The Regime, The Rapture or the adolescent fiction series Left Behind:The Kids)

Rating: M+(moderate to strong violence, strong religious themes, controversial religious themes, supernatural themes)

Difficulty: 1 2 3 4 (proficient)

Country of Origin: United States

Reviewed by: S Groom


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