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Temperance Brennan (Series) – Kathy Reichs


Temperance Brennan (Series) – Kathy Reichs. Arrow Books. United States

(Also known as: ‘Bones’ Series)

Titles to Date:

Déjà Dead (1997)

Death Du Jour (1999)

Deadly Decisions (2000)

Fatal Voyage (2001)

Grave Secrets (2002)

Bare Bones (2003)

Monday Mourning (2004)

Cross Bones (2005)

Break No Bones (2006)

Bones to Ashes (2007)

Devil Bones (2008)

206 Bones (2009)

Mortal Remains (Spider Bones) (2010)

Flash and Bones (2011)

Bones Are Forever (2012)

Bones of the Lost (2013)

Bones in Her Pocket (Short Story eBook)

Rating: M+ (Strong Violence; Strong Autopsy References; Infrequent Sexual References)

Difficulty: 1 2 3 4 (Proficient)

Country of Origin / Focus: United States

Reviewed by: S Groom



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